From initial data discovery to business insights, breaking out of data bottlenecks requires a clear strategic vision from data leaders.

There is a crisis with data provision in the financial services today. Image by from

Rigid institutional mindsets, processes and structures within heritage financial services institutions are predicted to bring down 80% of them by 2030 if they don’t embrace digital transformation, according to . Banks, in particular, have historically struggled to get value from customer data as they tend to see themselves as trustees of customer privacy, keeping possible data insights under lock and key, both for the customer as well as the business.

More than ever before, there is a sense of urgency…

That's a tricky one. When it comes to 'work', I'm 100% an entrepeneur, running my marketing consultancy ( And I do write identifying as the director of this company trying to educate my clients and the digital marketing world. But if you talk to me about me, I have the soul of a writer - I write because I have to, and my best writings aren't even in my name. They have no commercial aspect to them whatsoever, except maybe that one day when I find the time I will compile my writings into a book or a novel and get it published. For now I'm 100% entrepreneur, but one day I will be 100% writer.

How many times did you bake banana bread or pancakes in 2020? Our data at shows that banana bread tops the list of most searched recipes worldwide.

Here’s a whole list of the top recipes searched for in 2020:

  1. Banana bread
  2. Pancakes
  3. Chili
  4. Meatloaf
  5. Pizza dough
  6. French toast
  7. Fried rice
  8. Sugar cookie
  9. Apple pie
  10. Cheesecake

Being part of a trend, as I was with during lockdown, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m some common fool. There’s no magic formula to trend online, but it starts with who we trust and what they EAT. …

Passive incomes aren’t built overnight.

Those of us who’ve been around the corporate world a bit longer than most must be familiar with the old ‘inbound sales’ vs ‘outbound sales’ dichotomy — people calling in rather than being pursued.

I still remember the time at university when I worked in sales at a call centre — I was so jealous of the agents working inbound campaigns — customers and prospects were always nice to them on the phone, their desire for the product or service well-established by the fact that they had called in, and then it was just a matter of ensuring all requirements…

Every business needs to grow. The benefit of using email for marketing is direct communication with your target audience which doesn’t go away easily with a scroll like a Google, Facebook or Twitter advertisement. Most people prefer zero unread emails in their mailbox.

Also, email is here to stay and proven to be an effective tool time and time again.

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools today. Lately, several email marketing automation software have been introduced but MailChimp has managed to dominate this market because of its ability to innovate with new and improved features consistently.


Our household is one of equals, but equality means different things to different people.

It’s 6:15 pm on a cold April day in London, and my wife is about to get home from work after picking our 11 month-old-daughter up from the nursery.

Yet the chicken is still defrosting and my first-time attempt at Laksa will probably not be well-received by my hungry, hard-working wife if she has to wait another hour for dinner.

Our household is one of equals, but equality means different things to different people. My wife was raised by a single father after her mother passed away, while I was raised by my single mother who took care of…

Menachem Begin, Prime Minister Israel, engages with Zbigniew Brzezinski at Camp David in the game of strategy in 1978.

We abhor buzz words and phrases, but sometimes we are forced to use them for lack of better words. ‘Content Strategy’ is one such term that you will see virtually everyone buzzing about — whether it is an ad agency, BTL agency, digital agency, PR agency or an SEO agency. They all use it with a similar intent, but there is usually a world of difference in their outcomes because of their angle on the notion of ‘content’.

Anyone who knows me professionally would probably know I not only dislike but hate the term ‘content writer’, primarily because it dilutes…

Consciously or sub-consciously, I do adhere to Plato’s dictum and spend a considerable amount of energy (and brain cells) to examine my life and myself.

Sometimes, it’s amazing what I see when I scribble these notes down…

Currently, I seem to have the longest list of things I’m not doing:

  1. Reading Muslim Zion, a book I began reading over a month ago.
  2. Reading Rebel Queen, a book I began reading last week for a reader’s circle and have yet to finish the first chapter.
  3. Smoking. I haven’t smoked in 19 days in an attempt to quit.
  4. Completing my work time-sheets

Image provided by Faisal Zaman

A paradigm shift is underway as there is an intense battle going on in the field of marketing between traditional marketers who rely on creative flair and instinct, and the ‘quants’ who are usually data scientists of some sort, with spreadsheets full of numbers showing a variety of metrics, graphs and results.

If the two types of marketers keep on arguing, the marketing function loses out, so it is pertinent that their issues with each other are taken into account and resolved permanently. More importantly, a way forward needs to be defined so they can work hand in hand. …

It’s a new world for the traditional copywriter.

Shaking off things you’ve learnt and moving into a world where you need to brainstorm at a completely different level, with all kinds of statistics and analytics provided that were never available to you before, regardless of how you find the world of Information Technology (IT) confusing on top of it all, can get slightly overwhelming sometimes.

‘Social media’, you hear, is what everyone is buzzing about nowadays. So you scout on to the most popular sites, sometimes finding that you already had a dormant account on one of them just lying…

Nabeel Khalid

A marketing and communications leader who loves storytelling. He’s also a doting dad, social thinker, humanist and a persistent Londoner w/ Pakistani roots.

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